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Environmental Activist - Amit Jethwa SHOT DEAD outside the Gujarat HIGH COURT!

Here's a glimpse at how environmental activists and whistle-blowers in this country get treated. 


AHMEDABAD: A day after RTI activist Amit Jethwa was shot dead outside the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad after filing a recent PIL against illegal mining, the family of Amit Jethwa alleged that a BJP MP was behind his murder. Jethwa's family on Wednesday alleged foul play saying that BJP MP from Junagadh -- Dinu Solanki was behind the murder. 

Bhiku Jethwa, Amit's father said, "I strongly suspect that Dinu Solanki is behind my son's murder. Because he has threatened me on telephone. He also threatened Amit many times. Amit was threatened in Kodinar and Khamba towns in front of large crowds, a thousand strong. But nobody dared to report the matter." 

Amit Jethwa was killed by 2 unidentified assailants on a motorcycle as he was coming out of the court. Police say the assailants ran away from the spot after shooting Jethwa. 

He had recently filed a PIL in the Gujarat High Court against illegal mining in Gir forest. Following his PIL, the authorities had cracked down on the illegal mining activities in Gir forest and other areas on the Saurashtra coast.

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