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Another Leopard killed in a Mob Attack


CHANDIGARH: Grievous injuries inflicted by a mob of villagers coupled with inept handling by middle-rung Punjab wildlife preservation department officials led to the death early Tuesday morning of a female leopard captured from village Behrampur in Nangal area on Sunday.

Despite strenuous medical efforts by the Chhatbir zoo authorities, on the advice of experts from the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, and Delhi zoo, the leopard's post-mortem revealed heavy bleeding and clots in the abdominal region.

The leopard was just 10 months old and in an emaciated condition.

According to a statement released by Chhatbir zoo director TK Behera, "The post-mortem was conducted by a panel of doctors consisting of Chhatbir zoo senior veterinary officer Nirmaljit Singh and village Chhat veterinary officer Rajkumar. The post-mortem report says the animal died primarily due to internal bleeding. An external 1-inch wound on upper spinal region was also noticed on the body. The internal bleeding is likely to have been caused on account of the beast being stoned and beaten with lathis in its conflict with villagers."

Punjab chief wildlife warden Jatinder Sharma, who had been constantly monitoring the situation and taking on-the-spot decisions at the zoo said, "Dr YV Jhala of the WLI has confirmed that the death is not due to the tranquilising drug or the antidote. It is due to internal bleeding caused by stoning and hitting with laathis. However, the dosage of the drug in the tranquilising dart was excessive."

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