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Alligator trapped - killed


Expert trappers went alligator hunting again Tuesday morning, and this time they weren't disappointed, catching and killing a gator more than 11 feet long at Lake Mary Jane where a swimmer was attacked.

The 11-foot, 6-inch gator was trapped in open water about 200 to 300 yards from the lake's swimming area.

"The alligator fits the size, location and behavior profile of the alligator described by the bite victim," said Joy Hill, spokeswoman for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

On Sunday, a gator bit swimmer Doug McCard while he trained at Lake Mary Jane in east Orange County.

After securing and euthanizing the gator, wildlife officials snapped and released photos of the reptile, including one that showed off a large jaw and dull but effective teeth.

McCard suffered five puncture wounds to his right shoulder, another to his hipbone and several more on his back in what authorities described as a rare attack.

The trapper will process the gator to sell the meat and its hide, as payment for removing the reptile, Hill said.

Park personnel will continue to look for gators in the lake, she said.

Officials said residents can call the public-nuisance alligator hotline at 1-866-392-4286 if they spot a gator.

The wildlife agency will evaluate the complaint and determine if the alligator should be removed. The reptiles are trapped if they are a threat to the welfare of the public, livestock, pets or property.

Only licensed trappers are permitted to legally remove alligators. It is illegal for the general public to kill, capture or move nuisance alligators.

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