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The LION & The TIGER - A Battle to Survive

I would urge EVERY person reading this to first go through this cartoon made by an extremely talented friend who somehow manages to combine intellect with art. The outcome is simple yet soul-stirring. And if it doesn't make you think on the lines of what we're putting these poor wild animals through, you really need to go see a cardiologist! You have no heart! http://greenhumour.blogspot.com/2010/02/cat-compromise.html

Here's the latest about the plight of the Asiatic Lion : http://www.thenational.ae/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100331/FOREIGN/703309912/1103/NEWS

Narendra Modi should have been Chinese!! China wants the Tigers dead... and Modi eventually is going to see to it that the poor Lions end up the same way!
Yes Im just a random conservationist accusing a random Politician. And yes, I do think he's random. For all those who worship Mr.Modi, believe me, I think the man has GREAT potential. Unfortunately, I also think he always somehow, manages to use it for all the wrongest of policies.
The man COULD be a hit with the animal kingdom comprising wildlife, cattle that killed by straying wildlife, people that own or live off these cattle, and people everywhere... IF he would just turn to logic once instead of stubbornness.
I genuinely think Rohan's cartoon makes sense! Because today when WE are a level when we cant co-exist with animals that have lived here before we were even invented, I think the animals have always been more sensible than we have. A Lion and a Tiger could probably learn to co-exist.. and maybe, evolution will favour them and kick us off the Map of Existence!! But we? We will learn only when it is absolutely too late that WE ALWAYS had the power to change things... we just gave it to the wrong people.  :(
   In memory of the poor Lion who died because he jumped off a bridge : I will fight till the end.. for you, and others like you.. not knowing what may come off it, but knowing for sure, that something will. Good n bad, is again, a matter of perception.. especially in a country like our's. Sometimes, I dont feel proud to be human. When I look at other people.. people who dont give a damn about Nature and its bounty, I feel ashamed to be a part of this very race.. but perception rules it all. There are always exceptions.

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