Apoorva Joshi

PhD student - Information and Media; Environmental Science and Policy @Michigan State University

Independent journalist -

Environment, Science, International

Vehicles Without Guides Are:

GJ 12 1221
MP 04 9887
MP 54 T 0751
RJ 25 T 0202
AP 09 0432
MP 54 T 0294
MP 54 C 0214
MP 54 T 155
AP 09 2153
HR 26 R 7900
MP 54 T 0153

The vehicle that went in with the DRUNK GUIDE is : AP 09 2153

- When there is evidence, and when statistics, figures, are ALL available, why is it that a MASSIVE proportion of our government officials are eternally hung up on "DENY"-ing such news?

APPEAL : to any one who knows people in sections of our media, kindly please get in touch with me. WE need to get this issue out in public .. out for those millions of people who have no idea this kinda stuff happens. And even if it seems like basic ground level stuff, it IS important. Because, THIS is the very foundation of our conservation practices. When the people who conserve, themselves are fraud, what does the common man expect out of something as huge as Project Tiger?

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