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Request for Tiger and Crocodile Skin

Mail Title :

Hi Apoorva - Genral enquiry

fromRamesh Malhotra ramesh.malhotra26@yahoo.com
date26 February 2010 21:39
subjectHi Apoorva - Genral enquiry.
Signed byyahoo.com
hide details 21:39 (16 hours ago)
Helllo !
I hope you are doing well !
I would just like to ask if there any place where i can find skin of crocodile or tiger ..so tht can be used for fashion acceessories ? we are into trading business.
kindly let me know..

romApoorva Joshi (A.J.)
sender timeSent at 13:55 (GMT+05:30). Current time there: 13:56.
toRamesh Malhotra
date27 February 2010 13:55
subjectRe: Hi Apoorva - Genral enquiry.
hide details 13:55 (0 minutes ago)
First of all, dont EVER send me a "General Enquiry" like that again.

Secondly - if you're in the trading business, I suggest you trade clothes made of cotton instead of skins of wild animals. Also, trade grocery, rice, wheat, cotton, soft drinks, medical supplies, electronic items.. whatever the heck..

If you expect to come across a Tiger and Crocodile skin by emailing people who CONSERVE these animals, you're making the worst mistake of your life mate. I don't know what you are, where you are and who you are or else I'd have traded YOU to Tibet.

And Mr.Ramesh Malhotra I AM doing well. I would also do well to tell you exactly just what happens to people who trade in Tiger skins and Crocodile skins. Look for yourself and you'll see how angry conservationists can get if you get on their wrong side.

Don't ever ask any one that question again. And if you're so interested in fashion, wear clothes. Not animals.

-Apoorva Joshi.

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