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A Celebration and A Launch

First up - 101st post, this! Had no idea Ive been writing for so long, and so much! Insha Allah, may the blog grow with each year :) That's the "celebration".
Now for the launch. Hadn't written about this at all. It's been almost 2 yrs since this was born. Then for a year, it fell. Flat on its face. Resurrected it only this year. Something Im very close to. Something I started, and something, that is today, becoming a self-sustained NGO. A dream, nurtured for very long, waiting for the right people to come along, waiting; silently in the wings, observing people, their work, their character.. And today, all that observing is coming in handy.
The organization that was once a youth group, is today, being registered as a Trust/NGO. :) And to be working for something I have LOVED all my life, is something no one can define in words.. it's a feeling of pure ecstatic satisfaction! And with that, comes another reason to celebrate..

All in all, 2010 promises to be MUCH better than I had expected after 2009! :)

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