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Education?.. Not Quite!

Today, was one of those days when I ended up asking myself, "Why am I studying at this place? I could have done much better!" And the answer is, "Shut up and finish what you started."
We're supposed to go on a college study tour to a particular place where we can study stuff that our syllabus includes. Now it's pretty obvious that everyone wanted to go to a wilderness oriented place. The deal was, we've been pestering them for months that plan something now so we'll have everything ready on time. But no. The department being the wonderfully organized [all possible sarcasm intended], Department of Environmental Science, Fergusson College, woke up 5 days ago. Woke up, to the fact that if we dont go anywhere now, we will not be able to go until after we finish graduation. Dumbasses all of 'em. ALL of 'em!
So it all began. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and again even Maharashtra itself! We were told to make arrangements like transport, destinations, and a plan. Since the others have no clue about such stuff either way, and the fact that a majority of our classmates are absolutely pathetic, is not much consolation. So I got to it.
Flashback - Last yr, when we were all in Second year, we didnt get to go anywhere for our tour because of the department itself. Even then, I put my reputation with colleagues at stake, made arrangements, and had to cancel and un-cancel some 3 times each. Finally, I lost my temper and said Im not doing anything for you hence forth. Use your own sources use your own brain and do what you want. We had to write a fake report of a supposed visit to Pashan Lake, which is incidentally, about 40mins from our college as opposed to a 3days field trip.

Now, since everyone is all annoyed this yr about having missed the last yr's trip, there's a new problem. The faculty are hell bent on karnataka. And not the better part of Karnataka like maybe Kudremukha or Nagarahole.. They're hell bent on Dandeli and Bhadra. In winter. In january. WHO goes there in January!? What are you?! DAFT!?
So there has been an "argument" going on for the last two days and there are two "teams". One votes for Karnataka. The other, us, vote for Bandhavgarh.

Point? This is supposed to be TY BSc and MSc 2 combined. MSc part2 is a horrid batch except 3 individuals. They're a bunch of absolute dumbos who will blindly follow what our 'prestigious' faculty tells them. If tomorrow, the faculty tells them that we are to go to Mumbai's Borivali National Park for the excursion, they will STILL nod away to deaf glory.
In our department, people who stand up for logic and practicality are shot down rudely and grudges against them are held eternally. On the other hand, people who suck up to the teachers and agree with everything they say, or people who simply lack all logic are looked up to as ideal students. It's exactly this latter category that just pisses me off no end. There is a certain person I could be so violent and cruel to, that people around might just lose all faith in goodness of mankind.
This certain person just screwed up another day of my life and I am just more strong willed about planting a loud crisp SLAP across the person's face. I shall do so too.. :) I know just when!

These people are downright irritating. They just like to screw up people's plans. And not with even an IOTA of logic behind their activities. Rebel for the heck of it. That's just plain dumb! But someone tell that to them! Either way, the good part is, whether the teachers think I am brainwashing my classmates to go to Bandhavgarh instead, or that I am the master mind and the "arrogant" person behind it all, I give a rat's ass! All I care about is, it's my last year in college, and I want this yr to end on a memorable note. I will not pay you 6000 INR to go to a place where I am going to have to count trees and crows at the most.
I would rather go some place I trust and some place I know is going to a brilliant experience. And if this doesnt happen, and we're forced to go to Karnataka especially Bhadra and Dandeli, I take a refund, and I go to Bandhavgarh!! :D Screw you and your 20marks! GET LOST.

And yeah- to the two people who are definitely going to read this, dont get shocked about the crap Ive written about you. You completely deserve it. And more.
If you think this is how you teach your students, by forcing them, threatening them that you'll cut their marks, you're forgetting one imp. thing- we're not 7 yrs old. We're 20! So we dont give a shit about your threats. And another thing. If you call this education, then you REALLY need to open a dictionary. You're not imparting anything apart from negative feelings. It's sad but true that even today, a subject like Environmental Science is treated like something you teach by reading out of a book, instead of taking your students out there, on field and teaching them first hand. But yeah, when you're students are as disgusting as those Karnataka idiots, what can one expect of such a group of clowns?

Ah well.. who cares!? Im happy. Karnataka.. I love you. But I really think Bandhavgarh wins the winter visit :) And Department of Environmental Sciences- man am I hoping May comes at lightening fast speed. Wana be done and over with you forever! Stupid mental ward people!

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