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A Dog and A Degree

First up, hope everyone has a great 2010. Its a new year, hence newer problems will arise, and hence, it's best that the old ones are left wayyy behind in the memories of 2009 and forgotten. For those of us who can't forget, focus on what's there NOW.

Was just thinking, now that I'll be gone in the months of July or August, I have only a few more months to set things right here. No doubt it will be a heart wrenching time because though I know I am coming back, I really am going to miss the dog the most. I know some people who would give me horrid looks at this point, but no amount of looks can change the truth. The prospect of leaving my dogs behind and going off to some new place is scary.. because even though they will be well looked after, I will feel all alone without them. Wish there had been some sorta provision to take ones dogs along with oneself while going abroad. As I look at that 10month old fawn coloured Lab sleeping peacefully with her blanker on her, I know Im going to miss this li'l one like crazy. I may not cry about leaving family at all.. but Im downright positive I will create half an ocean while leaving Ginny behind. Those floppy ears, that wet black nose, and those completely divine eyes.. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, when you come back home, those eyes are just as happy to see you as they are everyday. That constant shower of love just never stops.. that tail which wags endlessly and is capable of breaking a huge heavy vase. The "wufff" when she's hungry or just wants to play.. and the mad jumping! Dear lord! And it's a miracle she is even surviving today! To me, my divine gift from Mother Nature.. :)

Somehow, it's very hard to convince myself that it is important for me to go.. and with that, comes a very quick mental response to myself which says, "and you'll be back in no time!" But I know I wont be back for 2 yrs at least.. Not a very inviting thought.

What IS an inviting thought though, is the prospect of having a degree called "Master of Science in Conservation Biology"! :) And then the prospect of coming back here and kicking ass! Cant wait to go, learn, and come back!! A more educated and capable person is always better than a hard working, less experienced person as regards wildlife conservation. So, MSc Wildlife Conservation n Biology, here I come! :)

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