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Crocodile Census


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Posted: Wednesday, Nov 04, 2009 at 0226 hrs

The Forest Department in Vadodara is all set to conduct its crocodile census in the second week of November after a gap of almost a decade. The last official survey was done in 2001.

The census assumes significance as Vadodara is one of the few cities in the country to boast of a crocodile population.

Conservator of Forests, Vadodara, D P Tipre told The Indian Express: “We are waiting for the winter to set in. When the temperature dips, the crocodiles come out to bask and that will be the best time for us to count them. In the meantime, we are coordinating with different organisations which are into rescue work.”

During the 2001 census, the official crocodile count was 70. This time, the Forest officers are expecting the count to improve.

The survey holds a lot of importance as there is no concrete data on the population of crocodiles, which will be required for the upcoming crocodile project to be taken up by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) under the ongoing Vishwamitri River project worth Rs 350 crore.
“Conducting a census is not an easy task. We will need properly trained staff for the job. We have decided to take the help of the NGOs as well,” said an officer.

But it is still unknown whether the Forest Department will consider tagging these reptiles.

“Tagging crocodiles will result in several inputs. We will be able to see their migration pattern and routes. But again it requires a lot of funding,” said a forest officer.

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