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81% and Class Topper #2

3pm, Im in the shower and a friend is calling frantically. I pick up. "Go to college!! Results!! *pants and coughs* Gooooo!! Get them!! And see mine too!" Panic spreads over my entire house. My mother stops in her tracks. Turns. It's out? Me- Yes Maa. Im going. My friend- Oh my god!! Finally!! After 3 weeks of bluffing! come on!
15 mins later - Venue: Department of Environmental Sciences, Fergusson College, Pune.
Sir! Marksheets out yet? Upstairs? Ok. Thanks!
Upstairs : Hi Ma'am! Shit is it really out?? Ma'am: Yes. Im entering the marks .. here are your's.
I peer at the computer screen. 41, 44, la laalalala.. etc.. I read them again. And again. Finally, softly, I ask - where's the KT?!
Ma'am : Why do want one?? Stop looking for KTs and go away.
Me: Not yet. I gota note down the marks of a few others too.

I start.. looking up names, and marks, and writing frantically. I pause. I do a double take! This can't be it!! This is NOT true! But apparently, it is. I'm second in class! :-o with 81%.

I havent got a percentage in the 80s since the 10th std board exams!! I mean this is even beyond distinction!! :D Yesssssssss!!!
And me, still calculating.. Another double take! What!? Are you serious!? MoGo!? First!? Woooohooooooo!!!

The two students who are reprimanded by ALL the teachers, are snubbed by them too. Are the first two toppers! :)

Me- the girl with the spunk to challenge all dumb decisions that are made on our behalf without talking to us. The girl who back answers if needed but is mostly just point blank blunt. The girl who is thought to be arrogant.. And the girl who they all think is never going to do anything with her life as far as academics go.. because she never attends lectures, ALWAYS has excuses when asked, and bunks like she was born to! You know what? To all those people who told me that I would never make it, and that I can't do something - Score in your face!

Today, I have a newfound respect for the work that I do, and honestly, for myself too. For if I hadn't been the person I am, I'd have never made it anywhere. I had a dog who was almost dead and was on saline for 12 days JUST before this University exam, I, myself was unwell for the 2 days before my exam coz I'd been awake for 8 consecutive days before that. I got exactly 2 days to study for this exam. And look what I went n did.
I feel proud of myself today because not only am I able to prove my academic capability to myself, but I now know that I have it in me to manage everything that I ever put my head n heart to.
And right now.. I wish.. I really really wish that the selected few people who contributed heavily in letting me remain me, were here. I wish I could have shared this joy with them and said to them - Look! We did it! :( Damn.. either way.. this 81% is a toast to all you beautiful people who kept me going and to all of you who still do! :) I love you guys! :D And I love me too! :D Hahaha.

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