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Hotchpotch and World War 3

Two things have been annoying my head over the last week - the MNS and Pakistan.
First - the MNS.. these guys really need a life. They seem to think they have been bestowed with the official authority of being God. Someone please go open their eyes. They're a bunch of good for nothing violent adrenaline pumped jackasses. Someone from the MNS recently, after that ridiculous incident in the assembly, said, about the person who got punched, that "He should know Marathi".. Boss- get real. Who asked you to decide what someone else "should" know or not? Everyday, these guys are in the news. And strangely, or not so strangely, the only method they know how to use, to resolve an issue, is violence. They seriously need a reality check.
Im a Maharashtrian and I dont care a damn about that. I don't intend to sound patriotic at all, but I'm an Indian. I'm terrible at Marathi compared to a lot of people around me. I speak English for a major part of my communication with people. When anyone complains about their conduct, their behaviour etc, all they can do is resort to violence, burn buses, stone vehicles, and use brute force. I feel terrible writing this because all I see, is an image of my India crumbling under pressure from goons and geeks like these. I see my India, becoming a Pakistan - burning, drifting, crumbling, and slowly, being poisoned into irreparable death. If you want to fight for a Marathi cause, then advocate the spread of education, and non-corrupt educational systems. Introduce the language in schools, dont force it upon them. The only thing you achieve with force is hatred and criticism. If you want respect, dont snatch it, earn it you fool. These fat-headed politicians who eat half of the country's money and food, should be sent to military school because it looks like they are the ones who need the most discipline. In a democratic system, people have the right to freedom of speech, and whether you are fighting for Marathi people or Bengali people, you cannot take that away. And quite frankly, ditch this whole "Marathi manoos" bullshit because all you get by doing that is divisions of a country known to be united by its many cultures, faiths, and traditions. Stop encouraging monoculture. This is one party I am never voting for. As terrible as the others are, these guys are top notch when it comes to being undeserving to the core. MNS - you STINK. Now come fight against me. Hopeless masses of protoplasm. What else can you do anyway? Illiterate and unruly bunch of road-side self-proclaimers.
Moving on- Pakistan. I really am not someone who would say such things unless pushed to utter frustration. If every single Indian stands up and even pees on Pakistan, the whole country will get washed off. They should realize their worth and make amends now or just get flooded. Giving shelter terrorists, training them, and then, above all, defending them! I feel very very sorry for those innocent lives trapped in that damn country for the amount of torture they must be enduring. Had I been living in Pakistan, I'd have moved to the Sahara Desert. There are more chances of surviving with dignity there. Im honestly SO fed up of reading about and watching the news telecasting the terror attacks. One attack happens somewhere everyday! Yes we have a population problem, but the solution is not to bomb away to excess population!

We've just gotten so used to these things.. ministers say, we will look into it.. you sit and look. What will you do at the age of 67 anyway?! Just sit and look into things. Dont get up and do something about it. Just watch more people die. It is so sad that our lives have come down to this. We've accepted terrorism! That's like inviting destruction and death to our people's homes. We've become hardened insensitive citizens. We just dont care. We see, we scream, we forget. What has time come down to for us? Mankind is pitched against mankind in the name of religion and caste and country. Im starting to believe more and more strongly with each passing day, that the evolution of man to what he is today, really IS a mistake. A big mistake.

No wonder people keep saying we're years close to having a World War 3. And guess who's going to win that war- the terrorists.

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