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Updating the Previous Article: [Tiger>Minister>Zoo director]

A lot many many people reacted to what Balasaheb Thorat did yesterday. A lot of them gave interviews to various new channels. A lot of them have quote sin newspapers. And a surprising number of them are correct.
Mr.Thorat, however good his intentions must have been, not only violated the law, but also gave a new meaning to stupidity. He claimed the zoo to be under his jurisdiction. Well, good for him. But even as Pro-Chancellor of the Agricultural college there, it gives him zero authority to enter the cage.
S.S.Bawaskar the vet and curator of the concerned zoo, happens to be the first man to have performed a blood tranfusion on Tiger cubs earlier this year. He has rescued several cubs and animals and nurtured them to health. Even after that, for him to support such an act of complete ignorance, just shows high disregard for the safety of not just the animal, but also that daft Minister.
As a reaction, a member of the Shiv Sena, in Nagpur has filed a police complaint against Thorat. He has violated Section 38 (J) of the WPA,1972 [Wildlife Protection Act]. Many prominent personalities, conservationists, etc. have commented on this act of Thorat's. And according to everyone who understands this situation, Thorat IS in the wrong. Minister or no minister.. the guy needs to be punished for this.. And more so, the Zoo Director who LET him enter the cage with a 4 month old Tiger Cub inside.
Here's a little bit of what Thorat said in his defence, "I went to the zoo with the good intention to see how it could be developed. I am being falsely implicated." However, this was not the only violation that Maharajbagh zoo officials have allowed. In the last fortnight, a string of VIP visitors have been allowed to get close to animals, particularly tiger cubs. Nagpur West MLA Devendra Fadnavis even fed the cubs milk from a bottle. Before that, NIT chairman Sanjay Mukherjee and city police chief Pravin Dixit were allowed to cross the security perimeter and go close to the cage, a dangerous act for animals as well as visitors.
Here's some MORE stupid stuff : As pro-chancellor of this Agriculture college, I went to see how our staff is taking care of these tiger cubs and actually they're doing such a good job that the tiger has even taken a liking to humans,” said Thorat". - http://ibnlive.in.com/news/minister-walks-into-tigers-cage-activists-erupt-in-rage/99390-11.html (proof)

And State Forest Minister - Babanrao Pachpute has commented on this incident saying blah blah blah... but the Zoo doesn't come under my jurisdiction. Bring up a VERY frequent question in my head - Why do people always concentrate on getting themselves and their names clean n clear when there is a controversy.. Why this diplomatic BULLSHIT?? Why cant you just say - right or wrong. Why do you have to save YOUR ass?? No one cares about it anyway!
I know what Im risking here when I say this about Mr.Pachpute. But I have never been the diplomatic kind, and never will be.
Mr.Pachpute must be a wonderful person, a great n doting father as he is, but he proves time and again, that though he is a little better than most others, he still IS just, "yet another politician"!! What's different now? http://ibnlive.in.com/news/minister-flouts-nagpur-zoo-rules-enters-tigers-cage/99325-37.html - thats the link to his comment.

In the end.. it's a blame game again. He did it. She did it. Why can't people realize that this solves NOTHING. That cub is still in that cage. And "taken a liking to human beings" , is by far, the STUPIDEST statement I have heard from Thorat. I am inclined to believe that he isnt a bad man.. and honestly, he didnt go in that cage with the intention of hurting that cub at all. But his whole understanding of wild animals, and this situation is so bloody MESSED up!! "Taken a liking"??? And he thinks thats a GOOD thing?? Tomorrow if that cub or any cub who "likes" humans, is released in the wild on being deemed fit to survive on its own, and lets say some poacher lands up there. This cub is going to take a liking to a poacher then. Its so dumb I dont have words!! How the HECK is it a good thing??
Thats why it is said, never voice your opinion on things you don't fully understand. It is better to be thought of as quiet rather than plain dimwitted!!

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