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The Red Thing Floating Around Inside Us

I have only ever thought of giving blood. Today, was the day I actually got to DONATE it. And contrary to popular belief, I did not come out of there feeling all happy and satisfied. We were told [a friend named Rahul was with me thankfully], that there was such a severe shortage of blood that surgeries were being postponed in hospitals. The blood banks did not even have enough blood to satisfy the minimum requirement, let alone storage!!
Yes the needle went through, yes that bag full of blood came out of my body, but oh man am I glad I gave it!! I have seen people die of blood shortage and just like any other death, it aint a pretty sight. Tomorrow, if they run out of A +ve blood anywhere, I want to be happy that I can help! Those guys at the bank were so shocked and happy that two random college students showed up with arms extended as though saying. "Take all you want but please leave some for me haan."
We read in the newspapers this morning that there's a shortage of blood. So we landed up. We hadn't thought it would so big that surgeries somewhere would be on stand by mode coz there aint no blood. And we can donate in 3months again. And we know we definitely ARE going to!
Its really dumb according to me that people are afraid of Swine Flu to an extent that they have stopped LIVING. yes there is a pandemic. Yes it is killing people. But if YOU are still alive, then please LIVE! No point sitting at home, and then being killed by the virus! You got a life and a heart so you could use BOTH sensibly.
Probably wont make sense to a lot of people, but then again, Ive never given a damn about that anyway! :P I cannot stop living and working and having fun.. coz I might be the next victime of the Piggy Flu.. but at least I will have gone happy!
An appeal to people everywhere - PLEASE donate blood!! Dont let a virus scare you from being a good human being. And yes, make sure you go to a reputed and safe place which uses STERILIZED instruments only and you need your Haemoglobin count to be 12.5 or above. Eat something 2-3hrs prior to your visit. And for Heaven's sake , dont go drunk &/or intoxicated or high on ANYthing except the will to donate! :)
Cmon fellas!! Save your species at least.. if not the Wildlife.. :(

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