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To Each His Own

A friend came by to visit this evening and we spoke for a while. About several things. Among them, the hard reality that he would be leaving in less than 20 days.. to go to our "very own" U.S.A. and may never return to Pune. I realized then- how many times I avoid this thought and its consequential thoughts. It's a known fact, that the three of us will not be in the same city for more than a year now. This guy will go off to another continent. I will leave this city for my Masters degree, and the third chap has no clue where he's going to land up.
I've seen this situation happen in films.. Ive seen it happen to other people. It has happened to me before. But never at such a level. It's a very weird thought process. After having had some very rough weeks in the recent past, to think that the only thing you can actually call your own, your friends, will also someday, be away from you. The thought itself is frightfully intense. Will this also go away someday? Will I no longer have these people with me? These people with whom I have spent so many moments.. and have so many memories..are they also, just going to vanish someday? The thought of having to start all over, isn't even scary anymore. It's plain avoidable. I escape from it because the more I think of it, the more depressed I get.
When someone says, " I don't know if I will come back", it's VERY saddening. My eyes can't help going moist at such times. I really don't want to lose any of my friends. It takes a hell of a lot of time and effort and trust to make them. All my 9 friends mean a LOT to me. Can't just see them go.. The distance is very scary.
But I guess, in the end, everyone of us.. has to choose our path, and in the end, we only want the best for our friends, even if it keeps them away from us. So, "to each ,his own" is something I didn't think would have such a painful application. However, it is entirely true. And here, I need to remind myself, that no matter what, or where, with equal efforts from both friends, a friendship can never get washed away. No wave is big enough to erase the bonds between friends.. I sure hope this thing really is true, coz soon, a trio is going to come down to a duo :( Ah well, one more reason to like America.. my friend's going there! :D Cheers dosti ke naam!

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