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The Snapping Rope

There are certain things that make you think deeply of your contribution to your field. When that field is wildlife conservation, it makes sense to review your role from time to time. I used to think that an individual's role in conserving wildlife always has to be fixed at one thing. Over the years I've realized, that that isn't true. You have to do whatever you can do, and whenever you can. You have to jump at every chance and not let it slip. Whether it comes in the form of being able to raise funds for a capable NGO or whether it is being able to go out there on field and actually studying a species and its habitat.
I read a couple of well written articles on the Internet today. All of them, had something or the other, to do with wildlife conservation. With so many people concerned about so many different aspects of wildlife and its conservation, why have we still not progressed enough? There are so many answers to that. But political will, as the Teacher says, remains a giant topic. As I see things presently, our endangered and critically endangered species hang at one end of a rope whose other end is held by the human race. We are so many, and yet our end is the weakest is being able to SUSTAIN that rope of ecological balance.
We're putting so much pressure on it, and pulling so hard at it, that out of sheer stupidity and ignorance, that one sensitive end with all our precious species on it is snapping. We are holding on alright. But as usual, we care about nothing but ourselves. The few of us who do bother about the other end of the rope, are just simply not enough. We need more people to be concerned about what WE are doing to OUR own Planet Earth and its wonderful wildlife. And then we need this whole gang to balance out what we ourselves converted into an unbalanced, dangerous place to be living on. Before that rope snaps, and we lose everything that we should have been protecting and respecting, WE need to do something about it. Whether it is the problem of political will, or funds, or anything else. We need to address those problems, find solutions, and implement them correctly.
if we've created a problem, then we bloody well better solve it! Anyway, just as usual, this was just something that I was thinking about. I don't feel like writing about it in great detail as of now. All I wanted to write about, was my imagination of the balance, as a rope. And then imagining it to be snapping at one end, which is a very depressing thought!

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