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Crocs, Coffee, and Crisis

The fight season has begun and my family is in its annual (or rather monthly) mood of fighting with each other. Of course that doesnt exclude me! Why should I stay away from the "fun"? So then the first fight of the "season" was mom v/s me. Lots of stuff said, lots of tears (on her side), and one very shocked grand mother.. :- Anyway, so things went on, and I finally, to prevent myself from hurling something at either of those two, walked out. I chose my favourite getaway hide-out, and there began the story that lead to this title. Crocs, Coffee, and Crisis. :)
So Im sitting, with a glass full of steaming hot black coffee (ahh the joy that is black coffee!), with one simple instruction to the waiter - keep 'em coming after every 15minutes of the earlier one getting over. :) Poor thing got shocked! And Ive got an old issue of Sanctuary Asia with me, so Im reading about Indian reptiles, and naturally, the first thing I turned to, was the Croc part. So I thought, why not use my time away from mad people, and make some notes? There I was for the next 3 hours, sitting, making notes, on Crocs of India, old records etc., and sipping on coffee, and listening to Sultans of Swing.. pretty much in Dire Straits myself! And somewhere in the middle of my entire concentration, when I got high on the coffee, I suddenly went back to thinking of the "Crisis" part of it all.
Now there are two parts to this Crisis Im talking about. One is the Wildlife crisis as regards Reptiles, and more particularly, Gharials. The second, was the one happening in my house.. ! By now, all of us in that house are used to such crazy fights and not talking to each other for months. It's a mad family. But anyway, I was wondering what to do, to keep myself out of the house at most times for the next 3 days. When I realized that there's a lot I could really do, the sheer amount of that 'lot" scared me, so immediately other plans had to be made.
The thing is, I never knew how crazy this combo would get. Crocs, Coffee and Crisis. One works great with the others. That 3 hours was very important. Made me realize how important it is to distance oneself from family issues that spoil ur brain working module. For the last 2 yrs Ive been trying to distance myself from these jokers. Succeeding to some extent. And now with just one more year left to complete Graduation, I shall be on my way in no time! :) My way. Ah that feels good to say.
There was no particular reason to put up this article here at all. Just that I felt that the few regulars who read this blog, and happen to know me, should know whats keepin me busy and preventing me from keeping in regular contact with them. So now, while two more fights have begun, it's time for yet another episode of Coffee with the Croc Crisis! :D Karan Johar should give up man!! :D This show's way better!

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