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Bulldozing through my home

Was just going through the Save Tadoba website. Reading the articles in the press, and it got me thinking that it's so tragic that everyone right from the top officials of the Forest Ministry, Central and State both, to the guards and moreover the unaware common man are proving to be more of a danger to our natural remaining reserves than a help. Either for money, or for the fame, for plain sadistic maybe too, but then the common man, simply unaware. And hence, totally not bothered.
There are so many things happening in our country that are an out an out destruction sign. First for the wilderness of that area, and then eventually, for the people. And of these so many things, we know of so few! Everyone is so busy being ignorant, that I guess people have forgotten that today, every single person needs to start looking out for Planet Earth, coz if we don't, then we are definitely losing our home.
If someone suddenly decides that your house is built where there are some xyz million tonnes of coal underneath it, and they want that coal, coz they're greedy human beings. And let's say they land up with a bulldozer and bombard through your house, your home, your belongings, shelter, everything, and rake up the ground, dig it up, set up a mine there, and meanwhile tell you, "Oh we got permission from the "Ministry", so we knew you were going to die. Sorry, cant do anything about it!" ...When will we realize that all living beings have and need a home. Not just us. "the superior" morons. The wild animals and plants need their shelter and food and homes. Just digging them up and exploding them with dynamites, is highly unethical and irresponsible. It's very wrong.
And Im in full support of those NGOs and individuals who are standing tall and defending our Planet. Our land. Our wilderness. They need all the support possible. And you could be a part of that possibility.
www.savetadoba.org is where you need to be if u dont know what Im talkin bout.

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