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Time to Change

I'd initially added a question mark at the end of the title of this article. But as I thought about it more, it came to me, that it's not a question at all that Im asking here. It's a statement Im making. Expressing my point of view. I feel it IS time to change. Time to change the way you think. Time to change the way you narrow your line of thought down to just one person' point of view. Time to change that now. Im not saying it's time to become a different person. It's just good to walk with the changing times and the new age thoughts.
There are some people who will just stay fixed to their opinions on some things. And it's very frustrating if, as the time passes, their scope of thought only gets narrower day by day. Because then no matter what you say, it becomes very tough to convince them that there does EXIST at least 4(random number) other points of view.
There is one such person I know of. Who is a lovely person on the whole. Just that when her thought process comes into the light, it kinda gets tricky. Coz if you're convincing a 47 yr old that what you're saying isnt just based on "self-righteousness" but instead, on facts and logical reasoning, it is going to be one complicated procedure! I mean, at such times, you come to sucha frustrated peak level where you forget the good points of this person in front of view who is turning a blind eye to a practically opaque and blindingly bright topic. At the end of an exchange of firey words and phrases, you finally decide its best to let such people live in their divinely knit world of wonders.
In a similar, but much more intense situation, Im finding myself wishing once again, that I wasnt living in a place where people just wait to strangle someone else's freedom. Whoever it may be. It can be the civic authorities not allowing you to exercise your esteemed right/s (just an example!!), it can be the educational institutions who take their pay cheques for even the crappiest of facilities and knowledge, but manage to fail to give anything back at all. It can be family, who inevitably tries to push and pull you into that horrifying circle of "social responsibility". I wish these folks could define social responsibility. I mean, not wanting to attend a certain person's marriage or not wanting to meet family members after ages suddenly becomes anti-social. Fine! I'm like that. How hard is it to understand that maybe, someone just does not like to mix with certain kind of people!? I dont like people who only gossip about how bad someone else is and laugh like inherent witches.
It feels extremely suffocated. When people are trying to pull you one way and another, just to get you to do what they want you to, not even thinking once, about what YOU want to do. And when it's people like me, who will still stand upto it and say "No!", then these self-proclaimed socially responsible people throw a bunch of insults, taunts, and looks at you, making you feel like moving to some place where people dont give shit about society. Unfortunately not a lot of such places exist! However, there is that eternal "escape" solution.
And yes, there apparently IS a silver lining to a dark cloud. Because, even though such tragedies exist(in terms of the way people think), you always have that eternal excuse to leave the city,country or even continent for "further education". (Disclaimer: In my case, it aint no excuse! it's an actual reason!I can think of better excuses.) Im just tired. Tired of people thinking that they have the right to exploit someone else's freedom, someone else's way of thinking and personality.
Im fed up of people handing out orders and expecting things to be done at the stroke of the new day. fed up of people thinking they can just stretch someone's patience and willingness to help to a limit beyond which it signals the END of even the smoothest relationships. It's time to change. From the eternal "do-gooder for others" to the selfish person who makes at least some time for herself before being piled with emotional, physical and mental problems - of other people!! I'm sorry, I hereby declare that I will not entertain anyone's bullshit henceforth. I got my own life. And anything that takes a toll on that, is highly unwelcome. You want help, get in line. Or at least, be deserving of the help. Dont just call up once in 3 years and say "Hey, could you please do this for me?" and using the environment as an excuse to get work done is cheap. Downright stinking cheap!
P.S. - the above vent of frustration does not apply to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - it applies to everyone apart from them! Even to family. You guys think you can insult someone on their face for a decade and then expect a very nice person in return? oh go get real! Have the b***s to go and do things yourself.
~~ That's All Folks!! ~~

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