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PhD student - Information and Media; Environmental Science and Policy @Michigan State University

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Environment, Science, International

Think before going to the Brink

Then there are those people who fail to use their main functional weapon of mass destruction : their brain. The people who just CANNOT understand things no matter how much u try and explain. You fight, over some shitty trivial "issue" and then one person decides to let ego come in between. Thats when it all goes kaboom. Even men dont have as much ego as this particular person! And until now, it was being used in the right ways. All of a sudden, things swerve around and your trying to figure out which part of anything of this was your fault!! Someone comes and blames you for something so highly stupid you dont even want to laugh, and then restricts the number of people and the time you can meet them at. For someone like me, thats craziest thing to do to me! And when things are said about my "dog" then, its beyond my patience level. I wouldnt fight otherwise, and very rarely do i take the first step towards a reconciliation, but when opposite parties do not wish to reconciliate after claiming to be your "best friends", its a highly sad situation. You can use words. But u cant make sure their brain processes them. Hard luck. For them. They're losing out on one of the most "i can do anything for my friends" types of people.

Someone who cant tell the difference between egoistical behaviour and possessiveness, and friendship and chocolate bars... certainly deserves to be sent to me for lessons! I refer to chocolate bars because u dont even need effort to break them apart. As opposed to that, consider Friendship. My most divine word. And that too today, the day of Dad, this whole nonsense erupts..and out the balcony goes my Organic Chemistry text book. (Not literally)..i was only wishing! Anyway.. Steve Irwin Day ending on not-so-good note. However, chances of other party coming to senses seeming a little teeeensy weensy bit up now. Without expecting much, this extremely annoyed and in awe lady signs off.

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