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All in "God's" Name!!

India. A country of festivals, colour, culture, people, and diversities of sorts. A country where every God is highly respected and highly worshipped. Where even the worshippers and believers are worshipped and believed!
Today, all the money that a place of worship gathers as donations, is much more than the amount that an NGO gathers as funds for a good cause. So and so temple in so and so place meausres the highest donations in its history so it gets a gold throne made for the idol it houses. But so and so animal faces extinction in so and so place, so it is allowed to fade away and become another tiny speck in Indian history to be showed to generations to come.
If the Tiger is in urgent need of help, or the Gharial is in even more urgent need, the minimal funds that do get produced for efforts that go into saving them, are roped in from abroad. From countries that do have an outlook to such things; that do keep funds for causes like these. Any wonder then, that we are indebted to more countries than we know today!?
What if the Tiger goes extinct tomorrow? For the Indian Parliament, the concern is- "oh god! we'll have to sit and look for a new National animal!" And if we dont already know why we really need that cat around, then i suggest we stop being so outspoken bout our general knowledge, which in fact, unfortunately, happens to be only that- General!
What if the Gharial konks off too? People, lets get out of the "what if" phase, and get down to reality. If we do keep going, then that 'if' , isnt going to be necessary! When NGOs that work for Wildlife, or Nature, and their conservation, ask for funds, and corporates turn them down saying that funding such activities "drains their funds", it shows nothing but absolute negligence and stupidity. When these NGOs release news that shatters human faith in a system, then the world comes running, but what about the time when these NGOs are in their initial stages? You dont really expect them to come up with secret bank accounts do you? Thing is, if at this point, when Planet Earth is in a terribly fragile situation, we dont start taking the lead and trying out things that are good for Mother Nature, I presume we are never going to get the "second chance".
In our country, we take the liberty to divert all the possible money for election procedures, rallies, religious festivals, riots, their management, corruption, and more spiritual stuff. Maybe there are a lot of things about the West that we dont like. But if you can see the bad points, you better be able to accept the good ones too. Those guys there, as nutty as they may be, are still smart when it comes to- how to use money. Have u heard of them falling short of funds? If yes, then they make sure they get them from somewhere. They dont scrap projects for the "lack of funds". Here, we hardly have any money left after all those above "requirements" have been tended to. So no question of funds for the good here. And those little that do come in from somewhere, go into big projects.. leaving the little ones bone dry and mega-dependent.
We have to learn. The wise use of money. Call it what you want. But, we really have to understand that there is no use spending on something that cannot give you anything in return. Think. Evrything u spend on, gives u smthing in return. Not necessarily material satisfaction. But it does give u smthing!
So when you can donate to a cause or an organisation that is working for the betterment of the Environment, and eventually, mankind, why hesitate?? If you are looking for something you'll get out of it, then its good. Think. The answer is atrociously simple. And if you still dont find it, come back here in a while. The next article will give you a lot more on that.
For now - Lets do our part. Be the difference you're looking for elsewhere.

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