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Jap's Fish Fetish

We have all read and heard about Japan and its fetish with fish. Japan's claim, that it is killing Humpback, Minke and Heaven knows which other species of Whales, for research, is so so transparent! Japan seems to have forgotten that the world does have educated people in it, who can see through false claims like those.. Hello!! What do you take Conservationists for? Fools?? Rethink Japan.. We'll prove who's the real fool at the end of this article.
Humpback Whales got out of the threat of extinction only recently, and with Japan's new resolution against them living, they're soon scheduled to hit the "book of legendary animals" once again!
Minke Whales, just like all other Whales, are threatened by slaughterers, like the ones in consideration here-Japanese. For food! For cosmetics, for evry possible thing! And kids in school still think that the Japanese eat only rice! HAA!!! Chicken and eggs was fine.. but not when they started hacking Dolphins and sold it as whale meat. Seriously, someone needs to control these butchers! Out of hand, and out of MIND!!
You cannot possibly expect the world to allow this kind of nonsense. China's plea to lift the ban on Tiger trade, failed miserably. Japan, looks like you want to know what China felt like! Take your chance, and fall flat on your face! (How much flatter can it get anyway?)
The outright-ness in this article, due to the complete ignorance of logic and the right of living by the Japanese. Ever heard of rice, wheat, barley, sugarcane and those crops they teach about in school?? What do they teach in Japan?? Fish species?? Cash Fish and Food Fish??
Stop being a pain Japan! High time you regained your senses.. This time, you cannot escape, Australia and NewZealand have already protested against this act of complete heartlessness.Bless them!
So japan, if you have a fetish, keep it restricted to maybe beads, or jewels, or vegetable.. not endangered fish. or Any endangered animal for that matter. It's the only way you can even EXPECT the world to respect you. Your "Made in Japan" cars and engines and what not really doesnt matter right now.. What matters is what you choose to do with the option u have.. Kill, OR Face the very very very cruelly loud music..played by Conservationists.
On a good note, America's scheduled to advice Jap's against this too... thats some hope!! Since, Jo bole so America is the word these days! Cheers and luck to the fetished Fish!

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