Apoorva Joshi

PhD student - Information and Media; Environmental Science and Policy @Michigan State University

Independent journalist -

Environment, Science, International


thats the link to a video. if u take the time off to watch it, u may juts feel the need to scream n tell the world, that humans dont have hearts anymore.
thats something, that makes ur hair stand on end. n shock the daylights out of u. thats waht happened in japan. thats the fate of innocent Dolphins. thats what we do. thats what humans- the so called superior species- do to innocent animals when we dont have the right or the authority to. watch that video. n ul see water being poured into the sea, n that water is bright red, n so is the sea there, u know why? coz that water is the blood...of Dolphins. that have been hacked to death by japanese people. n please watch that video with sound on. coz u wont know what ur missing otherwise.
thats how we treat our animals. thats how we treat our heritage. n that exactly why, man should be given the most painful death ever.
i dont know what else to say bcoz i dont have words to describe that Dolphin massacre. please watch it right till the end. thank u. for taking the time off.

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