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a simple lesson

well, my cousin asked me today..sumthing to do with clouded leopards. and i was answering her, when i suddenly realised she didnt knw reality. - its very hard to b sitting in front of the TV n ask why is this like this n not like that? but its very very hard to b the one out there in the field..doing ur duty n finding answers to such queries. its very hard to b the one facing the hardships, n taking innumerable risks jst to get the truth across to a world where ppl dont want to b aware of the truth.
living in a false world is risky. ur fooling urself, if u believe that white lions or polar bears are going to survive without help. ur fooling urself if u believe conservation is on a real high!! ur fooling urself if u believe that Steve Irwin could do it, so a lot of othe rpeople can. try getting out into the forest n finding exactly wat u want. try field work. n if u find it easy- sure enuf- ur a fool!
point is not who's smart n who's not- point is, that wildlife needs conservation n some evry dedicated people need wildlife. when u cut a tree or when u pluck a leaf- it may seem like an activity u dont really pay attention to... but do it out of habit. or need. but what ur overlooking is, that tree, cud b sumone's home, someone's life. ur killing not a tree but potentially many lives! that leaf-cud b food for a growing caterpillar. ur taking that away.
im not harping on sumthing or making it a big deal... its a matter of awareness. its a matter of how u feel , how strongly u feel- about the one thing-that i feel for. - Wildlife.
if ever u got a chance to do sumthing for an animal, would u take it, or give it sumone else? if u saw an injured dog on the street, would u run to its help or wud u leave it to the hope that sum animal lover will cum up n do it? if u see a flightless bird with a broken wing, will u do ur bit to help it or will u say that there are a lot of birds as it is... one doesnt matter...??
now, think- would u do that- if either of the concerned "victims" were ur family???
no u wouldnt. why are poachers not shot dead jst as they do to the animals? why are corrupt forest officers not suspended?? why are things so out of hand in a country who's wildlife was its crown once upon a time. its crown, its pride!!!!! poachers r shooting at the country's pride and we're letting them.
they're running off with elephant tusks n we're letting them. there are so many dedicated forest guards n officials who could use our help, n we're NOT letting them!!! why??? - because we're - UNAWARE. unaware of what this will lead us to. of wat this will do, n is doing to our country-our homeland. to what our future looks like. we r unaware that we ourselves r killing our future generations.
we ourselves are strangling those who cum up with sum passion n hard work to take forth the conservation mission. we r still opposed to unconventional careers-like wildlife sciences. especially done by girls! we still see medicine n engineering as to two only options a person has. why??? because- we are afraid. afraid to try , afraid to let those who have the capibility use it, afraid that they may fail- wat we overlook is- only if we try will we know if the other side is success or failure.
so wake up India. and open ur eyes to the world that needs u.- the world of wild animals that needs the most evovled and independent specie- us- to speak for those who cant speak for themselves. wake up India- coz if u dont rise now- it will b too late to even stir.
too late India- to even stir!!!! think about it. n teach ppl around u-why it is important that u help Wildlife Conservation n how it will benefit evry living hting on Earth! we're One Planet, n One Country- an incredible country with incredible will power!!!!!

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