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Encroachment-our fault or their's???

Wild Elephants have crossed the Karnatake border n ventured into Maharashtra.-news everywhere. But they ahve eaten tons of the crop cultivated by farmers who take evry effort to do so...these farmers are clearly not in love with the Elephants who are destroying their crops n fields... not expected to b either. but the farmers turn to every method possible to make the animals leave.form fire crackers to noises to throwing stuff at them...
think-why. why did the Elephants have to resort to encroaching on the farms?? would they have done so if they had had their habitat intact??? would they??? would they cum into ur fields if they had a place to live?? the article in a marathi magazine says- the numbers have increased frm 5 to 25...dammit!!!! look at the numbers that have fallen in the wild... what are u people doing?!?!? why would they want to encroach upon ur stupid fields if they had a forest to live in in the first place????
on one hand u worship the animal...and on the other hand u curse it. hows dat even sensible??? and basically... if they had a home, food, shelter and safety, they would never resort to coming close to a species of living beings that cares for no one but itself-humans! they would never want to b a threat to their own life by coming close to humans. any wild animal would always always always prefer the jungle to civilisation. and the sooner we realise that, the better.
it is extrememly traumatic for the animals when they are thrown out of their own home by selfish greedy humans who want more n more space for offices, houses, and activities that can well b hosted away frm the forest area. the government-as efficient as it is... has done "so much" for the protection of wild animals... that i cant stop complementing them!!! they're working so hard u know... i mean wake up dammit!!!! u cant accuse an animal of encroachment n then kill them n harm them when the MAIN CUASE OF THEIR ENCROACHMENT IS YOU!!!!
u cannot b a hypocrite... coz ur fake if ur a hypocrite. and ur utterly selfish. these animals have been here longer than we have even taken to establish ourselves... they belong here. they dont ask for nething frm us! and why shud they, when they rnt selfish, and they have a home to live in... but till they have their basic needs, they are gentle. and once u snatch things away... they will turn into a storm of beasts that u will never b able to digest.
and before that happens... STOP SNATCHING THEIR HOMES AWAY FROM THEM N CRIBBING BOUT UR OWN FIELDS. u can earn a livelihood in many ways. but the wild animals have nothing working for them right now. so stop cribbing n go get a heart. and if these elephants kill more farmers again n destroy more crops, it is TOTALLY the fault of the HUMANS.- thats why this blog's titled- HUMANS- AT FAULT-playing the blame game- does not work!!!!

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