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Hu Jintao- the freak from China.. is building a dam on the Brahmaputra river, n in the process blocking 300 billion cubic metres of water that is otherwise the lifeline of most of North east India. the Indian guys say that by tapping the tributeries of the Brahmaputra, we will b get back about 150-200BCM(billion cubic metres) of water. which will obviously go into irrigation n other daily necessities. then where do u think we'll get water for the arunachal forest -rain forest i know it gets a lot of rain- but the river runs thru sum parts that dont... n those parts r critical....overall this dam thingy is a threat not just to the forest but to the people too. how can u possible cover up 300 BCM of water lost???? talks r in progress they say damn fools!!!! talk bout how they dont know what a biodiversity hotspot is! A HOTSPOT IS NOT A PRIVILAGE FOR A COUNTRY. n we have 2!!!!!!! the western ghats n the eastern himalayas. out of 25 biodiversity hotspots in the whole world, India has TWO!!! dont u get the point ?!?!?!we are not doing the chinese ppl a favour, we're throwing our wildlife down hell. a dry hell. they'l survive no doubt, but this so called LITTLE change is gonna have such a humungous effect!!! they dont realise that.... its a hotspot for crying out loud!!!!!! its a bloody hotspot!!!!!! n ur not supposed to b making it a boiling spot!!!! its diversity is gona b half gone by the time this dam comes up! endemism will increase, species count will fall, evrything will change. and u cannot subject the wildlife-the vegetation also- to these manmade changes for selfish reasons! u cannot divert 300 FREAKING BCM OF WATER FOR THE BLOODY COUNTRY WITH THE HIGHEST POPULATION IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! its not sense!!!!!!!! at all !!!!! i bet 92% of the ppl that saw this on the news last nite dont have a friggin clue what its gona do.... oh! china! oh! river! oh diversion!!! but -dammit think of what thats doing to a forest which is NOW getting some recognition...not as a tourism spot, but as a research base for ppl like me!!!!! what am i gona write on now?!?!?! how i saw a dam construction instead of a dense evergreen forest?!!??!!? thats how my research paper will look!!! n sorry- but i do not..n WILL not take such crap! its high time the chinese Jintao n the Indian government start taking the country's wildlife seriously. Boss i need u now the most! to cum n tell them what they're doing... putting our ,mission down, n killing what could b the future of a thriving rain forest!!!!!! its A BLOODY HOTSPOT U FOOLS!!!!! i know no one reading this will b related to the dam in ne way...just a ray of hope.... lingering somewhere.at times like this...wildlife warriors- we need to rise! we really do!!!!! n osrry- but if u aint rising- i aint falling to ur level- i will rise alone if i have to... but il do this! get the point across!!! the end!!!!- for lack of further expressive words- b4 i start more slang- bye bye!!!!! there exists a Make A Wish Foundation - id like to create a - Make A Difference Foundation!!!!!

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