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Boss kaun thaa.....

its been almost 5days now...im learning- to come to terms with the fact that Boss... is no more.. im learning.. to accept that things have to happen ...and nature will punish u if u make a mistake.though a sting ray attack is the last thing i was expecting... it makes no difference what i was expecting now... coz Boss maybe physically gone.but he's taught me so much, ive grown up watching him at work..with his crocodiles and snakes... kangaroos... koalas..evrything from mammals to birds to his field of expertise and mine- reptiles. he'd feed charlies n murray n acco n agro... and he'd make it seem like its a such a piece of cake... so easy..so...effortless. but we know- those of us who know how much effort and hard work n top of the list-risk- how much risk there is in shooting a film like this ... to educate the world about animals... he dedicate dhis life to Wildlife Conservation... and ended up dying for it as well... Boss wud've said... Crikey!!! the ray got me mate!!!he made us all realise how much we feel for the same mission n how he needs us to help him take his mission ahead n make it succeed.Boss ... i duno how i cud make this sound grateful enough but... the truth is, evrything i know today-about reptiles- uve contributed to 70% of it Boss... i dont know who will teach me now Boss.... but i hope to learn on my own.. even if it takes time.. il do it.il reach there n one fine day- ul b proud of me... n much proud- of urself. for havin got across so well...n so thoroughly...all the hard work u put in Boss. all the times when u got bit by a snake.. n u still went on with the show- for our sake Boss, all those times when u almost got ur arm ripped off by a croc....while feeding it maybe or while rescuing it, n still laughed n jumped....for our sake, that time when the kangaroo kicked u in the stomach n u almost doubled over... but did u quit?no! Boss... then, why will i? why will i quit? dats not what u taught me is it? u didnt teach me to quit when im at the peak of my learning... u taught me to fight. go ahead...n if ppl curse u or criticize u-take it in ur stride n jst walk on as if u dont care who rules the world... coz all that matters is that ur confident ur doin the right thing n that u rule ur own world.u alwayssaid- danger danger dnager! - u always said that no matter what happens, the reason u were put on this planet, ur mission....is to save wildlife. - thats what u taught us too Boss. n thats why Boss- ur never gona b gone- yeah il miss u like crazzzzzy all my life, but il know Boss- that ur with me... in my efforts as well... to my it for the mission that we all embarked upon n promised to take it beyond a certain level. il know Boss... that if i feel low-ul rise ...in me.. n il get that enthusiasm back.... ul rock frm within Boss... always! i love u Boss... for being my north star for being my guiding light. for being my Teacher. n managing to develop in me- this passion- for our mission...n thats why Steve- ur the Boss!!!!! n u will always be... even f lightning falls in the pacific or even if a ship sinks in the desert, or if the himalayas turn upside down! ul still b-the one n only- Boss!!!!!! love u Boss... n here's wishin...u a quick break... ur on vacation... the moment im back to being me- ur back to Boss... thank u soooooo much for evry inch of knowledge uve given me... u rock forever Stevie...!!!!- with the truest of all feelings- a tribute to the Master- Steve Irwin-Boss!

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