Apoorva Joshi

PhD student - Information and Media; Environmental Science and Policy @Michigan State University

Independent journalist -

Environment, Science, International



Apoorva lives by the motto 'conservation through communication'. Born in Pune, India, she spent most of her childhood dreaming about forests, tigers, crocodiles and snakes. She has always been more at home in India’s diverse wilderness - in dacoit-inhabited rural ravines of the Chambal valley and in soaking wet rain-forests - than in her hometown of eight million people. 

Previously a full-time independent journalist covering global environmental stories, Apoorva has been a PhD student at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, since August 2016. Using her background in both the natural and social sciences, Apoorva examines contemporary global environmental issues - many of which as complex, ‘wicked’ problems - through an interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological lens.

At MSU, her interdisciplinary environmental social science research draws from the fields of environmental communication; journalism; risk and decision science; environmental psychology; and criminology. Broadly, she is interested in examining and understanding the human contributions to wildlife conservation, which includes topics such as biodiversity loss, international wildlife crime, environmental behavior, and human-wildlife conflict etc. She guides these collective interests by applying and testing a subset of theoretical frameworks with the intent to design holistic solutions that may address the complexities of contemporary environmental issues.

Apoorva received her Master's degree in environmental journalism from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT, in 2013, and her undergraduate degree in environmental science from Fergusson College, University of Pune, in 2010.


A born storyteller, Apoorva has always had a knack for the written and spoken word. Growing up in India, she was exposed to a diverse, multicultural environment from a very young age. Her experiences living and working in different countries continues to enhance her understanding of cultural codes, ethics and dynamics in communication. As a journalist, her goal is to tell environmental stories from across the world to a wide audience using new-age media platforms and old-school reporting, ethics and vivid writing that is accurate and engaging. She aims to produce work that people everywhere can relate to, and to ultimately make a difference.

As social-media and online news professional, Apoorva has dabbled in various forms of media. Her print work has been published in children's magazines, newspapers, and academic journals, and her multi-media experience involves delivering live on-air radio newscasts, designing interactive maps and info-graphics, being a web producer, and covering international environmental news for an online news outlet.

A workaholic with myriad interests, Apoorva hates being bored. She relishes adventure, engaging stories, freedom, new experiences and doing things that make her happy. Having lived in beautiful Montana for three and a half years, she frequently finds herself missing the wide open spaces and majesty of Big Sky Country and ever-so-often, even misses the chaos of bustling Pune as she begins a new chapter in her life in Michigan, away from most family and friends.

To “relax” when the doctoral life gets a tad bit overwhelming, Apoorva turns to her two best friends - good music and good food. Living alone has taught her to master the art of cooking delicious Indian and pan-Asian food - something she calls her ‘Plan B’.

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