Apoorva Joshi

Independent journalist - environment, science, international affairs. PhD Student - Michigan State University. Research Assistant - Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.

Fellow - International League of Conservation Writers.

Member - Society of Environmental Journalists, International Communication Association.



Apoorva lives by and believes in the power of two mottos that are her guiding principles - 'conservation through communication' and 'information is ammunition'. 

Born in Pune, India, Apoorva spent most of her childhood dreaming about forests, tigers, crocodiles and snakes. Her affair with the great outdoors took off when she was 12-years-old. Well-traveled and easily bored, she was more at home in dacoit-inhabited rural ravines of the Chambal valley and in soaking wet rain-forests treading through India's wilderness than she was in her hometown of eight million people. 

At present, she is a PhD student at Michigan State University and an independent journalist reporting environmental and science stories from around the world for an increasingly global audience. Apoorva is a Research Assistant at MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism where she hopes to unify her journalism background and skills with in-depth research on modern environmental issues facing the world to ultimately help provide long-term solutions. Her main areas of interest - other than environmental communication and journalism - are human-wildlife conflict, global environmental crime, risk and crisis communication, climate change, intercultural communication and environmental behavior. 

Apoorva has a Master's degree in environmental journalism from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT, USA, and four years of professional journalism experience. Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor's in environmental science from Fergusson College, a part of the University of Pune, in Pune, India.


A born storyteller, Apoorva has always had a knack for the written and spoken word. Growing up in India, she was exposed to a diverse, multicultural environment from a very young age. Her experiences living and working in different countries continues to enhance her understanding of cultural codes, ethics and dynamics in communication. Her goal is to tell environmental stories from across the world to a wide audience using new-age media platforms and old-school reporting, ethics and vivid writing in an accurate and engaging manner. The idea is to produce work that people everywhere can relate to and to ultimately make a difference.

A social-media and online news junkie, she has dabbled in various forms of media like having her work published in children's magazines, newspapers and academic journals, doing a voluntary live on-air radio news broadcast, designing interactive maps and infographics, and being a web producer.

A workaholic with myriad interests, Apoorva hates being bored. Her experiences so far indicate her constant search for adventure, stories, freedom, novelty and memories worth cherishing. Having lived in beautiful Montana for three and a half years, she frequently finds herself missing the wide open spaces and majesty of Big Sky Country and even the chaos of bustling Pune sometimes as she begins a new chapter in her life in Michigan.

A journalist at-heart and an environmental scientist, Apoorva is a seeker-of-all-things-rejuvenating. She hopes eventually to travel the world and tell hard-hitting stories with the potential to impact and inform. 

A fan of comic book heroes, Apoorva is also fond of J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown's writing, good music, food, and above all - dogs. 

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